Alexander Price ('INDIGOTRANCE') is a 3D artist and animator, based in the North East of England. Click on the icons to learn about Alex!

I am a generalist 3D artist and animator, having graduated from Northumbria University’s animation master’s degree course at the end of 2020, with a grade 1st in all modules.

I have been working on a freelance basis with various clients for the past few years. Prominent examples include:

SkateBIRD (Glass Bottom Games), released in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, and Amazon Luna.

1000 Deaths (Pariah Interactive), currently in development.

Rewilding (Heavy Meadow), currently in development.

BBC Bitesize (with Arcus Animation Studios).

Outside of contracted work, I also have begun to make character avatars and clothing for use in virtual reality spaces.

From 2020 onwards, my personal work has been heavily influenced by the ‘Y2K’ and ’neo-Y2K’ visual aesthetics. The impetus of this direction was not just nostalgia for when such design sensibilities were mainstream, but also what said sensibilities represented and paralleled at that time.

The ‘Y2K’ era was defined by an optimism we felt for the internet as a then-new frontier for communication. Part of the appeal of this concept for me is that the exciting precipice of new technology (that defined the ‘Y2K’ cultural era) was also a means to allow otherwise excluded people (see below) to have a voice, with real agency and autonomy.

This is a big part of why I made this portfolio in this way, choosing to host it on Neocities (inspired by Geocities), and adopting web design practices associated with ‘Web 1.0’, while also attempting to achieve some authentic modernisation of those concepts.

Disability plays a significant role in my creative practice and ethos. As a neurodivergent (specifically autistic) person, my personal output is driven by this desire to forge a new means of expression - in a society that so often restricts, or outright excludes, the voices of disabled people in various ways. An example of this is my master’s thesis animated film ‘GEOCHROMA’, which aims to explore themes such as self-actualisation from a disabled and/or neurodivergent perspective.

The discrimination of and stigmatisation towards disabled and neurodivergent people is still largely socially acceptable, or at least treated as innocuous. I aim to meaningfully contribute to the headway made by the autistic and neurodivergent rights movements, and promote genuine acceptance over manufactured ‘awareness’.

The character shown on screen is Indigo. Indigo is a mascot of sorts for my online presence.

The name ‘INDIGOTRANCE’ stems fron a few things. Indigo is the colour of SEGA character NiGHTS (whose exploration of identity and the self heavily influenced Indigo), and the Nintendo GameCube, one of my favourite pieces of hardware design from the 2000s. In addition, indigo itself is a very ambiguous colour, occupying a somewhat undefined space inbetween blue and purple. I like trance music, and I was often described growing up as ‘being in a trance’ (when I was focused, I just didn’t look like it in the neurotypical way), so I internalised that.

I organise and compete in local fighting game tournaments; specialising in sharing lesser known games. I (along with some help from hardware expert d0pefish) built perhaps Europe’s only competitive Super Famicom (SNES) setup, using it to run tournaments for the cult favourite Sailor Moon S fighting game.